Maria Yelletisch
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I'm interested in repetition, especially the one I find in nature.

For me, repetition is something that connects me directly with meditation.
However, this repetition never ends up being the same; it always ends up varying in shape and size, which makes each element different from the previous one, yet still belonging to a collective.
It's somewhat similar to what happens in nature itself when you observe the landscape; you realize it's a combination of repetitions, and when you look closer, you notice that each mountain has a different profile, even though they create a mountain range. Once in the city, I work with the memory of an experience, recalling the sensation I had in that environment, its shape, and color.

I call these connections with nature "safe places." Safe places are mostly in nature, but they can also be found in an emotional relationship with another human being, in painting, traveling and within myself.

My goal is to generate interest and reflection in the act of observing, revealing the uniqueness of each repeated element and its connection to the collective space.


Espacio Vista

c/Vista Alegre, 30
28019 Madrid
Galería Miquel Alzueta

Calle Seneca 9-11
08006 Barcelona